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Your trouble is that you don’t laugh enough!If life is boring so laugh at it to make it funnier!Life is too short to stay sad!Let’s go crazy
Check out why you should never drink bottled water! #4 is shocking!
These pics look normal, but when you see it . . . #9 had me LOLing.
Wanna see a real-life Barbie doll? This is not Photoshopped! You've gotta see this to believe it.
The craziest and coolest 3D tattoos
Would you ever pose intimately with a stranger? These people did! #9 will make you laugh!
Prison Tattoos and Their Meanings: I always wondered what the teardrop meant.
Life-like drawings of some of your favorite animated characters. I love #1
Breaking up via text is the worst. You have to see these breakup texts.
Have you ever noticed these hidden #Disney characters in other Disney movies? Check out # 3!
Celebs before and after makeup. #3 is nearly unrecognizable! Who knew?
Check out these awesome, realistic drawings of Disney princesses! #7 is perfect
Think tattoos have to be bold and dark? Think again! Check out these stunning white ink tats!
You won't believe what's in your food. You probably ate one of these today.
Ouch! The only thing worse than a painful tattoo, is a painfully mis-spelled tattoo! #10 is just hilarious.
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